Benzphetamine Dosing

For people who are using benzphetamine, dosing typically starts at 25 mg or 50 mg once a day. Benzphetamine is meant to be used for just a few weeks because the medication loses its ability to suppress the appetite. Also, benzphetamine has the potential to be abused, which is another reason why it should not be used for long periods of time.

Benzphetamine Dosing: An Introduction

The dose of benzphetamine hydrochloride (Didrex®) your healthcare provider prescribes will vary depending on a number of factors, including:
  • Whether you develop bothersome or dangerous benzphetamine side effects
  • How you respond to benzphetamine
  • Other medical conditions you may have
  • Other medications you may currently be taking.
As is always the case, do not adjust your benzphetamine dose unless your healthcare provider specifically instructs you to do so.

Benzphetamine Dosing for Weight Loss

The recommended starting benzphetamine dose for weight loss is benzphetamine 25 mg or 50 mg once daily, usually taken mid-morning or mid-afternoon, depending on your eating habits. Benzphetamine is probably more effective if it is taken a few hours before your main meal of the day. Depending on how you respond to benzphetamine, your healthcare provider may recommend increasing the dose up to a maximum of benzphetamine 50 mg three times daily.
Benzphetamine is intended for short-term use only (for just a few weeks). Longer use is unlikely to be effective, as the body adjusts to the appetite-suppressing properties of benzphetamine. Also, benzphetamine has the potential to be abused (which is another reason why benzphetamine use should be limited to just a few weeks).

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