Birth Control and Nursing

If a mother decides to breastfeed, she may be looking for safe forms of birth control that won't affect her nursing infant. Many different options are available that are safe and effective. There are several categories of contraception, including hormonal, nonhormonal, and natural methods.
If you are looking for a hormonal birth control method, your healthcare provider will likely recommend a progestin-only product. These particular forms of contraception are safe for use while nursing and won't decrease breast milk production, as estrogen forms of birth control will.
Some nonhormonal options include condoms, cervical caps, and diaphragms. Also, there are natural methods, including the rhythm method.
(Click Breastfeeding and Birth Control for more information on various birth control options a nursing mother may want to consider. This article also describes the effectiveness of each product.)
Last reviewed by: Kristi Monson, PharmD
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