Conjugated Estrogens

Conjugated estrogens is a mixture of estrogens that is used in several different medications for treating menopausal symptoms. These types of medications work by providing estrogen that the ovaries no longer produce following menopause. In addition to relieving menopausal symptoms, they can also help prevent osteoporosis in postmenopausal women. Potential side effects include headaches, vaginal bleeding, and back pain.

What Are Conjugated Estrogens?

"Conjugated estrogens" is a term used to describe certain specific blends of estrogen hormones that are used in a few different hormone replacement therapy medications. Conjugated estrogens, whether they are taken from horses or made from plant sources, are not identical to natural human estrogens.

Products Containing Conjugated Estrogens

The following products contain conjugated estrogens:
  • Premarin® -- conjugated estrogens from horse sources
  • Premarin Vaginal Cream -- a vaginal cream that contains Premarin
  • Prempro™ -- Premarin plus medroxyprogesterone, a progestin hormone
  • Premphase® -- Premarin plus cyclic medroxyprogesterone, a progestin hormone (only the last half of each cycle's tablets contain the progestin)
  • Cenestin® -- a blend of synthetic (manufactured) conjugated estrogens using plant sources
  • Enjuvia® -- another blend of synthetic conjugated estrogens from plant sources.
All conjugated estrogens products are approved to treat menopause symptoms, and some are approved for other uses as well (such as for osteoporosis prevention).
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