Diagnostic Laparoscopy Expectations

The results of a diagnostic laparoscopy procedure can vary, depending on what the doctor finds during examination of the abdomen. When discussing diagnostic laparoscopy expectations with their doctors, patients should take into account the possibility of the doctor finding an abnormality that requires treatment or additional surgery.

What Are the Expected Results of Diagnostic Laparoscopy?

Your specific results from a diagnostic laparoscopy will depend upon what happens during your surgery and what is found. You can expect that your doctor will have gained valuable information from what was seen on or around your ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, bladder, and intestines. It is possible that your doctor may find that your pelvis is basically normal and does not require any treatment.
However, if an abnormality is found, your doctor may treat this during the laparoscopy (known as an operative laparoscopy) and go over the results with you afterward. Treatment for conditions that your doctor wasn't aware of before the surgery could require an extension of the original procedure or different procedures than those previously discussed with you. This means that your doctor may need to perform other laparoscopic surgical procedures and/or major abdominal surgery to remove any affected tissue or organs.
If a problem requires additional treatment after the laparoscopy, your doctor will discuss these findings with you along with your treatment alternatives or choices. You and your doctor can decide on a treatment plan that will benefit you most at this stage in your life.
It is possible that, despite the laparoscopy and any treatments done, your symptoms may continue or even worsen. The results are impossible to predict, but your doctor feels a laparoscopic surgery is in your best interest at this time. If you have questions about the results of this procedure, you and your doctor can discuss your particular situation and what information your doctor hopes to gain from the procedure. It is important that your laparoscopy expectations match those of your doctor's.
Last reviewed by: Arthur Schoenstadt, MD
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