Laparoscopy Infections

Despite the current sterile techniques used for all procedures, infections are always a possibility following laparoscopy. The seriousness and subsequent treatment options will vary, depending upon the location. Infections can range from very minor ones that only need to be treated with antibiotics, to very major infection, requiring a surgery to treat it.
Internal infections are rare; however, they are more serious. If you have a fever or severe abdominal pain, see your doctor immediately. In most cases, internal infections require hospitalization and IV antibiotics, and, in rare cases, a repeat surgery. Because of the infection, you may be more likely to develop adhesions, which can cause pain and increase the risk for a bowel obstruction.
Life-threatening complications from infections are a very rare occurrence. If an infection does develop, your doctor will discuss the treatment options and expected outcomes with you.
Last reviewed by: Arthur Schoenstadt, MD
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