Ella Uses

Ella and Ethical Issues

Some people may be concerned about the ethical issues surrounding ella. Unlike other forms of emergency contraception, ella is similar to RU-486, the so-called "abortion pill."
At least theoretically, ella could potentially cause miscarriages, based on the results of animal studies. Because ella blocks the effects of progesterone (and because progesterone is absolutely necessary for a developing pregnancy), it is possible for ella to disrupt an established pregnancy. This is much different from the other emergency contraceptive pills (like Plan B), which contain high doses of progesterone-like hormones (which will not disrupt an established pregnancy).

Can Children Use Ella?

ella is approved for use in women of reproductive age. This means that it is not approved for use in girls who have not yet had their first menstrual period.

Off-Label Uses for Ella

On occasion, your healthcare provider may recommend ella for something other than contraception. This is called an "off-label" use. Using ella to terminate an established pregnancy would be an off-label use. It should be noted that this product has not been studied for this use and women should not take ella for this purpose, especially without a healthcare provider's approval and supervision.
Last reviewed by: Kristi Monson, PharmD
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