Generic Estropipate

At this time, several generic versions of estropipate are licensed for sale (see Generic Ogen).

Who Makes It?

Estropipate is sold under the brand name Ogen. Brand-name estropipate tablets are made by Pfizer, Inc. Generic estropipate is made by several different manufacturers.

Available Strengths

Estropipate tablets come in the following strengths:
  • Estropipate 0.625 mg (which contains 0.75 mg estropipate per tablet)
  • Estropipate 1.25 mg (which contains 1.5 mg per estropipate per tablet)
  • Estropipate 2.5 mg (which contains 3 mg of estropipate per tablet).
The strengths of estropipate can be a little confusing. The "official" strength is given as calculated in terms of sodium estrone sulfate, even though the tablets contain slightly more estropipate (also known as piperazine estrone sulfate).
You may find that your pharmacy uses other ways to describe the strength. Just remember that estropipate (and its generic versions) only comes in three strengths. Estropipate 0.625 is exactly the same as estropipate 0.75.
Last reviewed by: Kristi Monson, PharmD
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