How to Find Support for Infertility

Where to Find a Support Group

If you have decided to give a support group a try, you may be wondering how to find one that's right for you. Your healthcare provider is a great place to start with suggestions for finding a support group in your area. He or she can help point you to a group that would best fit your needs.
Another place to look is online. There are a wide variety of online support groups for infertility. RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association is a nonprofit organization that exists solely to provide support for those who are going through infertility. They have a database of regional chapters where you can find support groups throughout the United States.
These particular support groups are run primarily by volunteers. There are two main types of support groups: those that are led by a therapist, and peer-networking groups. The peer-networking groups are usually led by someone who has experience with infertility but is not necessarily a professional therapist.
Meetings that are led by a therapist are typically more formal and usually include a fee for attending. This isn't the same as group therapy, however, as the counselor is mainly there to help facilitate the conversation and make sure healthy boundaries are set up within the group.
You can find support groups just for women or groups set up for couples. Groups usually meet for a certain number of times, such as 12 weeks at a time with the RESOLVE groups, and cover a variety of topics. Some of these topics may include:
  • How to handle the stress of infertility
  • How to cope with emotions like anger and depression
  • How to talk to family and friends
  • How to handle the impact of infertility on your marriage or relationship
  • Medical options for infertility
  • How to keep living a child-free life.
Last reviewed by: Arthur Schoenstadt, MD
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