How to Talk to Friends and Family About Infertility

While you may have decided to tell family and friends about your infertility, you might not know where to start. Some people are more comfortable going online first and joining a support group for ideas. Once you start sharing this info, be prepared for comments and suggestions. Remember, they don't mean to be insensitive, so telling friends and family up front how they can help support you will make the conversation easier.


Why Would I Want to Talk to Anyone?

I'm going through infertility -- why on earth would I want to discuss this with anyone? Can't I just crawl under a rock and be left alone? These may be your feelings as you are battling what's supposed to be a "natural" process in getting pregnant. You may have spent years on birth control trying to avoid becoming pregnant and then, when you decide to start a family, it isn't quite as easy as you thought it would be. It's something that can be very personal for some women, so why would you want to talk to anyone about it?
The fears of discussing something so private may stem from the concerns of what people's reactions might be. You never know how someone may respond to your difficulties in becoming pregnant, particularly if you have friends or family members who have gotten pregnant on their first try. The thought of receiving critical or judgmental advice on how to get pregnant may be completely unwanted by you at this point in time.
However, your family and friends are your family and friends for a reason -- they care about you. Although they may not have a clue as to the emotions you may be feeling right now, they will want to support you during a time where you may need it most. Learning some ways to help talk to your family and friends (and even strangers) can help you build the support system you need.
Last reviewed by: Arthur Schoenstadt, MD
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