Levothroid Dosage

Because there are varying degrees of hypothyroidism and other thyroid problems, there is no standard Levothroid dosage. The dose must be individualized for each person depending on several factors, such as the results of certain thyroid blood tests. Most adults typically end up taking a Levothroid dose somewhere between 100 mcg to 125 mcg per day.

Levothroid Dosage: An Introduction

The dose of Levothroid® (levothyroxine sodium) that your healthcare provider recommends will vary depending on a number of factors, including:
  • Your age
  • Other medical conditions you may have
  • The results of certain thyroid blood tests
  • Any other medications you are taking.
As is always the case, do not adjust your dose unless your healthcare provider specifically instructs you to do so.

Is There a "Standard" Recommended Levothroid Dosage?

There is no standard Levothroid dose. Instead, the dose must be individualized. Because people have varying degrees of hypothyroidism and other thyroid problems (and varying responses to medication), Levothroid is not a "one-size-fits-all" medication. It often takes several months to find the best dose, and your dose may need to be adjusted from time to time, even if you have been stable for a while. It is important to understand that it can take a few weeks (or sometimes even a few months) for your body to adjust to any change in dose.
Some healthcare providers start at a higher Levothroid dose and adjust as necessary, while others start at a low Levothroid dose and slowly work up to the best dose. Either way, you will need frequent blood tests to monitor your thyroid function, and the results of these tests will guide your healthcare provider to make any necessary dosing adjustments.
Elderly people and people who have heart problems are typically started on lower doses, due to the risk of heart problems. Most adults usually end up taking a Levothroid dose somewhere between 100 mcg to 125 mcg per day, although many people may need more or less. It is rare to need a dose higher than Levothroid 200 mcg per day.

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