Generic Loestrin Fe

Three versions of generic Loestrin Fe are available. They are sold under the names Junel Fe, Microgestin Fe, and Gildess Fe. The FDA has assigned these generic versions an "AB" rating, meaning that they are as good as the brand-name medication. However, generic Loestrin Fe can have different inactive ingredients than the brand-name medication, which may cause problems in people with allergies.

Is Generic Loestrin Fe Available?

Loestrin® Fe (norethindrone/ethinyl estradiol) is one of the many oral contraceptives (birth control pills) available. Loestrin Fe is known as a "combined" oral contraceptive, because it contains a combination of two different types of hormones (an estrogen and a progestin).
(Loestrin Fe is not the same as plain Loestrin®, Lo Loestrin® Fe, or Loestrin® 24 Fe. The information in this article does not apply to either of these medications.)
Although Loestrin Fe was first made by Warner Chilcott Company, Inc., it is currently made by Teva Pharmaceuticals USA. The patents for Loestrin Fe have expired, and generic Loestrin Fe is available, although it is sold under what looks like other brand names, rather than the usual generic name.

Names for Generic Loestrin Fe

The following medications are generic versions of Loestrin Fe:
  • Gildess® Fe (made by Patheon, Inc., for Qualitest Pharmaceuticals USA)
  • Microgestin® Fe (made by Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc.)
  • Junel® Fe (made by Teva Pharmaceuticals USA)
  • Larin™ Fe (made by Novast Laboratories Ltd. for Northstar Rx LLC).
Because the generic names of birth control pills can be confusing (the names are long, and several different products can have the same generic name but come in different strengths), the manufacturers of generic birth control pills give their versions a "brand name" to avoid confusion. These products are still generics, even though they seem like brand-name products due to their names.
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