Macrodantin Dosage

General Information on Your Macrodantin Dose

Some considerations to keep in mind when taking Macrodantin include the following:
  • The medication comes as a capsule that is usually taken four times daily, although it can be taken just once a day for long-term UTI prevention.
  • Macrodantin should be taken with food, as food increases the absorption of this antibiotic.
  • It does not matter what times of day you take this medication. However, try to space the doses out evenly per day, as reasonably as possible.
  • For the drug to work properly, you have to take it as prescribed. Macrodantin will not work adequately if you stop taking it too soon.
  • If you are unsure about anything related to your dose or Macrodantin dosing in general, please talk with your doctor, nurse, or pharmacist.
Last reviewed by: Kristi Monson, PharmD
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