Macrodantin Side Effects

Serious Side Effects

Some side effects with Macrodantin are potentially serious and should be reported to your healthcare provider. These include but are not limited to:
  • Signs of lung problems (which are more common with long-term use of Macrodantin), such as:
    • Shortness of breath during exertion
    • A general ill feeling
    • Cough
    • Chills
    • Chest pain
    • Blue skin
  • Signs of liver problems, such as:
    • Yellow eyes
    • Yellow skin (jaundice)
    • Very dark urine (although Macrodantin can cause a harmless discoloration of urine)
    • Upper-right abdominal pain
  • Unusual sensations in the hands or feet
  • Very severe, bloody, or watery diarrhea
  • Signs of an allergic reaction, such as:
    • An unexplained rash
    • Hives
    • Itching
    • Wheezing
    • Swelling of the mouth or throat
    • Difficulty breathing.

Final Thoughts

You may experience some or none of the Macrodantin side effects listed in this article. Unfortunately, there is no way for your healthcare provider to know beforehand if you will have problems with a medicine that you have never tried.
Therefore, make sure to let your healthcare provider know if you develop any side effects while taking Macrodantin. Also, let your healthcare provider know if you develop something that "just does not seem right." While it may not be related to the medication, your healthcare provider will be able to diagnose and treat the problem.
Last reviewed by: Kristi Monson, PharmD
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