Mirena Safety Information

Mirena® is an intrauterine system (IUS) that can be used for up to five years. It is approved for women who have already had at least one child, and can also be used to treat heavy menstrual bleeding. It works to prevent pregnancy primarily by stopping the maturation and release of eggs from the ovaries (ovulation).
In most cases, women find this to be an effective, safe contraceptive; Mirena does carry certain risks, however; and you should review this information with your healthcare provider.
For example, this product does carry a risk of ectopic pregnancy, a serious infection, or allergic reactions. It may also cause jaundice, high blood pressure, or pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). In order to ensure your safety with Mirena, discuss any medical conditions you have with your healthcare provider and tell him or her if you experience anything that just "does not seem right" while using this product.
(For more information, click Mirena Warnings and Precautions. This article takes a closer look at how to use this product safely and when you should seek the advice of a healthcare provider.)
Last reviewed by: Kristi Monson, PharmD
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