Side Affects of Mirena

Were you looking for information about Mirena Side Effects? Side affects of Mirena is a common misspelling of side effects of Mirena.
Although most women will not have any problems with Mirena®, side effects are still possible. Some of the common side effects of this contraceptive include headaches, nausea, and a decreased sex drive. In most cases, side effects of Mirena are minor and are typically easy for you or your healthcare provider to treat. However, you should seek immediate medical attention if you develop more serious side effects, such as depression, jaundice, or severe pain within a few hours after Mirena is inserted.
(For more information, click Mirena Side Effects. This eMedTV article offers more detailed information on the possible side effects of Mirena and explains when to seek immediate medical care.)
Last reviewed by: Kristi Monson, PharmD
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