Because MonaVie contains a variety of juice blends, it is considered a rich source of antioxidants. For instance, the main active ingredient is the acai berry, which contains several different substances and compounds, such as proteins, lipids, vitamins, and flavonoids. However, there is little scientific evidence to suggest that these products really work better than any other antioxidant-rich berry products.

What Is MonaVie?

MonaVie® products are juice blends that are claimed to provide a variety of astounding health benefits. These products contain a blend of various juices and other ingredients, most notable acai berry. Some MonaVie products contain additional active ingredients, such as glucosamine or plant sterols.
In general, the acai berry is promoted as the main active ingredient in MonaVie products.
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Marketing Tactics

You may have noticed that MonaVie is not available in stores, as the manufacturer uses multilevel marketing to sell the product, similar to other companies such as Avon or Amway. Of course, as with any product marketed in this way, it is a good idea to view much of the praise of MonaVie products with some degree of skepticism. It is reasonable to assume that much of this praise comes from the many individuals who sell the products.

Does MonaVie Really Work?

If you simply expect MonaVie to serve as a way to add antioxidant-rich berry products to your diet, then it will likely work for your purposes. However, if you expect the product to have significant or astounding medicinal properties, you may be disappointed.
Despite the widespread hype, there is very little scientific evidence to suggest that MonaVie products really work better than any other antioxidant-rich berry products (many of which are significantly less expensive). "Test tube" studies definitely suggest that acai berry products show significant promise due to potent antioxidant activity, but these studies do not always reflect how a substance will affect humans.
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Last reviewed by: Kristi Monson, PharmD
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