Myomectomy Recovery

In most cases, people remain in the hospital for a few days following a myomectomy. Recovery time usually lasts four to six weeks. When you leave the hospital, you will be given instructions on what you can and can't do as far as driving, exercise, etc. You will have follow-up visits with your doctor until your myomectomy recovery is complete.

Myomectomy Recovery the Hospital

After a myomectomy and recovery room stay, you will be transferred to a regular hospital room, where your family and friends will be able to visit with you at the scheduled visiting times.
You will remain in the hospital for two to five days following your myomectomy. However, it is possible that your stay may be longer, depending on the how well your surgery went and how well you are recovering. Your healthcare providers will regularly update you and your family regarding your myomectomy recovery.
Because the first few days can be uncomfortable, pain medications will be provided to keep you as comfortable as possible. Very soon, you will be getting around without much difficulty. After about four to six weeks, you should be fully back to normal.
If your doctor closed the skin incision with staples, the staples may be removed just before leaving the hospital. It is possible that you may have to return a couple of days after leaving the hospital to have them removed. If the incision was closed with stitches, the stitches will dissolve on their own.

Myomectomy Recovery After Leaving the Hospital

When you leave the hospital to continue your myomectomy recovery, you will be given instructions for taking care of your body after the surgery and specific instructions regarding driving, activity level, medication, and any further restrictions. Your healthcare providers will also go over any symptoms that require immediate medical attention, such as fever or abdominal pain that gets worse with time.
The first follow-up visit with your doctor will be approximately one to four weeks after you leave the hospital. There will also be continued periodic visits until your myomectomy recovery is complete.
Last reviewed by: Arthur Schoenstadt, MD
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