NuvaRing Dosage

Common NuvaRing Dosing Questions

Because NuvaRing is a new kind of birth control, many women have questions about using NuvaRing.
  • How do I insert a NuvaRing?
Your NuvaRing will come with detailed instructions about how to use it. The ring is about the size of a standard rubber band, although it is not as flexible. Using your fingers, you will push the sides of the ring together and insert it into the vagina.
  • Does it matter exactly where NuvaRing is in the vagina?
It does not matter at all, except that you should not feel discomfort. Just as with a tampon, if you feel discomfort, NuvaRing is probably not inserted far enough.
  • Can a NuvaRing get lost in the body?
No, NuvaRing cannot get lost in the body. It is much too large to pass through the cervix (the opening from the vagina to the uterus).
  • Is it easy to remove NuvaRing?
It is usually easy for most women to remove the NuvaRing. Simply hook your finger around the ring and pull it forward.
  • Will my partner be able to feel a NuvaRing?
Your partner may be able to feel a NuvaRing. However, this usually does not cause any complaints or problems.
  • Can I use tampons or a diaphragm with NuvaRing?
You can use tampons while a NuvaRing is in place. Just make sure you do not accidentally remove the ring when you remove a tampon. A diaphragm should not be used in combination with NuvaRing, since the ring may physically prevent the diaphragm from being used correctly.
  • Can a NuvaRing accidentally come out?
Yes, a NuvaRing can accidentally come out, sometimes during sex or a bowel movement. It may be a good idea to check to see if the NuvaRing is still in place after these activities.
  • What should I do if a NuvaRing accidentally slips out?
If it has been out of your body for three hours or less, simply rinse it with cool or lukewarm water and reinsert. You should still be protected against pregnancy. If you cannot find the ring, insert a new NuvaRing and continue with your usual ring schedule (remove and insert NuvaRing as you normally would).
If NuvaRing has been out of your body for more than three hours, you may not be adequately protected against pregnancy. If it happens during the first two weeks after insertion, reinsert the ring (or a new one) as soon as possible. You should use a backup method of contraception (such as condoms) for seven days. If this happens during the third (last) week after insertion, you have two options:
    • Insert a new ring right away, starting a new ring cycle. You probably will not have your period this month (since you skipped the seven-day ring-free break). You should use a backup method of contraception (such as condoms) for seven days.
    • Wait seven days (after the ring came out) before inserting a new ring. You should get your period during this week. You should use a backup method of contraception (such as condoms) for seven days. You should only use this option if the ring was in continuously for seven days before it came out.
  • What if I forget to take a NuvaRing out or forget to insert one?
If you accidentally leave NuvaRing for up to an extra seven days (for four weeks total), you should still be protected against pregnancy. Remove the NuvaRing, have a one-week ring-free break, and start a new ring in seven days. However, if you accidentally leave NuvaRing in for more than an extra seven days (for more than four weeks total), you have not have been adequately protected against pregnancy. Remove the ring and contact your healthcare provider. You need to make sure you did not get pregnant before inserting a new NuvaRing.
If you forget to insert a NuvaRing, insert a new ring as soon as possible and use a backup method of birth control (such as condoms) for seven days.
  • How do I dispose of NuvaRing?
Throw it away in its original foil pouch, keeping it out of reach of children and pets. Do not flush a NuvaRing.
  • Do I need to keep NuvaRing in the fridge?
You may notice that your pharmacist keeps NuvaRing in the refrigerator. However, you can keep NuvaRing at room temperature for up to four months. If you will not be using it within four months, you should store NuvaRing in the refrigerator until use.
  • What if the NuvaRing breaks?
There have been a few cases of the NuvaRing disconnecting. This will not affect the release of the hormones from the ring. However, it may make the ring less comfortable or more likely to slip out. If your NuvaRing breaks, simply remove the ring and insert a new one.
Last reviewed by: Kristi Monson, PharmD
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