What Is Nystatin Ointment Used For?

Nystatin is a prescription drug that comes in a variety of different forms and is licensed to treat various types of fungal infections.
Many people may wonder what the ointment is used for, specifically. Nystatin is specifically approved to treat fungal infections caused by the Candida species of fungi, such as thrush or yeast diaper rash. It is used to treat Candida infections on the surface of the skin (for ointment, cream, or powder products), in the vagina (for vaginal tablets), or the mouth and digestive tract (for the oral forms).
On occasion, your healthcare provider may also recommend nystatin for certain "off-label" uses. Using the drug to treat any other type of fungal infections other than Candida infections or to prevent any type of infection would be considered to be an off-label nystatin usage.
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Last reviewed by: Kristi Monson, PharmD
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