Orally Disintegrating Phentermine Side Effects

Common Side Effects

For many medications, the prescribing information carefully explains the exact percentage of side effects that occurred in clinical trials. However, the prescribing information for almost all older medications includes only vague information on the possible side effects, with no percentages given. Therefore, it can be difficult to know exactly how often these side effects occur.
The details for potential orally disintegrating phentermine side effects are based on information available for phentermine (the active ingredient in the drug), which is an older medication. Therefore, precise information on potential reactions with orally disintegrating phentermine is not available.
Based on the available information, possible side effects of orally disintegrating phentermine may include:

Final Thoughts

You may experience some or none of the side effects listed in this article. Unfortunately, there is no way for your healthcare provider to know beforehand if you will have problems with a medicine that you have never tried.
Therefore, make sure to let your healthcare provider know if you develop any side effects while using orally disintegrating phentermine or if something "just does not seem right." While it may not be related to the medication, your healthcare provider will be able to diagnose and treat the problem.
Last reviewed by: Kristi Monson, PharmD
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