Ortho Micronor Dosage

There is only one standard Ortho Micronor dosage, regardless of a woman's age, weight, or medical conditions. You must take one tablet daily at the same time each day. As soon as you finish one pack, immediately start a new one the next day. Taking Ortho Micronor doses even a few hours late can increase your risk of pregnancy.

Ortho Micronor Dosage: An Introduction

There is only one standard dose of Ortho Micronor® (norethindrone). As always, do not adjust your Ortho Micronor dose unless your healthcare provider specifically instructs you to do so. Although Ortho Micronor is very effective when taken as directed, not taking Ortho Micronor correctly increases the risk of unintentional pregnancy.

Basic Ortho Micronor Dosing Instructions

Starting at the beginning of the pack, take one tablet daily at the same time each day. Each pack will last for 28 days (four weeks). After you finish one pack, immediately start a new one the next day. Do not wait any days between packs (this may take a little planning, since you will need a new pack on hand). Unlike other types of birth control pills, every tablet in the pack contains hormones (there are no inactive or placebo pills and no breaks between pills).

Starting Ortho Micronor for the First Time

It is best to start Ortho Micronor on the first day of your period. You may start it on a different day, but you need to use a backup method of birth control (such as condoms) for 48 hours after starting Ortho Micronor in this situation. Make sure to pick a time that works well for you, since you will have to take the pills at the exact same time each day. If you had a miscarriage or abortion, you can start Ortho Micronor the next day.
If you are exclusively breastfeeding (if you are not supplementing with formula or food), you can start Ortho Micronor six weeks after delivery. If you are not exclusively breastfeeding (if you are breastfeeding and using formula or food), you should start Ortho Micronor three weeks after delivery.
Check with your healthcare provider about how and when to start Ortho Micronor when switching from a different form of birth control (including other kinds of birth control pills).
Last reviewed by: Kristi Monson, PharmD
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