Can I Buy Oxytrol Without a Prescription?

If you are a woman who has an overactive bladder, you may consider using OTC oxybutynin patch (Oxytrol® For Women). But do you need a prescription to buy this medication?
No -- you can buy OTC oxybutynin patches without a prescription. However, there is a prescription version (Oxytrol®) of the drug. Although both the prescription and nonprescription drugs come in the exact same strength, the nonprescription version is only approved for women, while the prescription version is approved for both men and women.
The dose of OTC oxybutynin patch is the same for everyone -- one patch applied to the skin of the abdomen (stomach), hips, or buttocks every four days. Side effects are possible and include constipation, dry mouth, and itching at the application site.
(Click OTC Oxybutynin Patch for more information on this nonprescription treatment for an overactive bladder. This Web page covers more topics, including general safety precautions, dosing guidelines, and more.)
Last reviewed by: Kristi Monson, PharmD
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