Plan B Drug Interactions

Plan B Interactions Explained

All of the medications listed above could theoretically decrease the level of Plan B in your blood, possibly increasing the risk of pregnancy. All of these drug interactions are based on interaction information for progestin-only birth control pills, which are similar to Plan B. However, it is not known for sure if any of these medications truly has any effect on Plan B. It is possible that Plan B may be less susceptible to such drug interactions, compared to progestin-only birth control pills, because it contains a higher dose of the progestin hormone.
Women are not typically advised to stop taking any medication just because of a possible drug interaction with Plan B. Most of the medications that may, theoretically, interact with Plan B do so because they cause the liver to break down Plan B too quickly. Stopping these medications temporarily is not likely to help much, as the liver will not adjust right away. However, if you have any concerns about possible drug interactions, you should not hesitate to contact your healthcare provider.

Final Thoughts on Plan B Drug Interactions

It is possible that not every drug interaction was discussed in this article. Therefore, you should talk with your pharmacist or healthcare provider about the Plan B drug interactions that may apply to you.

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