Generic Provera

There are generic versions of Provera (medroxyprogesterone) currently available. These generics are available in three strengths and are made by several manufacturers. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has determined that most generic versions of Provera are equivalent to the brand-name drug. However, one 10-mg generic product has not been adequately studied to make this determination.

Can I Buy Generic Provera?

Provera® (medroxyprogesterone acetate) is a prescription medication used to treat abnormal vaginal bleeding and to bring back normal menstrual cycles in women who have stopped having periods for several months. It also may be given as part of a combination hormone therapy in postmenopausal women who have not had a hysterectomy and are using estrogen.
Provera was first manufactured by Pfizer, Inc. However, it is no longer protected by patents and is available in generic form.

Available Strengths

Generic Provera tablets are available in the following strengths:
  • 2.5 mg
  • 5 mg
  • 10 mg.

Who Makes Generic Provera?

Generic Provera is made by several companies, including:
  • Teva Pharmaceuticals
  • Greenstone LLC
  • USL Pharma.

Is Generic Medroxyprogesterone as Good as Provera?

All generic medications must undergo certain tests to compare them to brand-name medications. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) then looks at these tests to decide if the generics are equivalent to the brand-name medications and assigns a rating to each one.
An "AB" rating means that the FDA has determined that a generic medication is equivalent to a brand-name medication. Most of the generic Provera versions currently available have an "AB" rating, meaning they should be equivalent to brand-name Provera.
One generic version of Provera 10 mg has been given a "BP" rating. This rating does not necessarily mean a medicine is not equivalent to a brand-name drug. Instead, it means that studies have not been done to determine whether the medications are equivalent. All oral medications are given a BP rating until adequate studies have been submitted to the FDA to demonstrate they are equivalent to a brand-name drug.
It is important to remember that generic medications are allowed to have different inactive ingredients than the brand-name medication. This might include fillers, dyes, or other ingredients that may cause problems for people with certain allergies or sensitivities.
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