Sibutramine Dosing

The sibutramine dosing guidelines your healthcare provider will follow will vary based on several factors, such as how you respond to sibutramine, whether you develop side effects, other medical conditions you have, and other medications you are taking. Generally, the recommended starting sibutramine dosage is 10 mg once daily. Your healthcare provider may increase the dosage to 15 mg daily if you have not lost much weight after four weeks.

Sibutramine Dosing: An Introduction

In October 2010, sibutramine hydrochloride was withdrawn from the market in the United States. Studies have shown that it increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes. This medication will no longer be available in the United States. People should stop taking it and should ask their healthcare providers about more appropriate weight loss options. 
The dose of sibutramine hydrochloride monohydrate (Meridia®) your healthcare provider prescribes will vary depending on a number of factors, including:
  • How you respond to sibutramine
  • Whether you develop bothersome or dangerous side effects
  • Other medical conditions you may have
  • Other medications you may currently be taking.
As is always the case, do not adjust your sibutramine dose unless your healthcare provider specifically instructs you to do so.

Sibutramine Dosing for Weight Loss

The recommended starting sibutramine dose for weight loss or weight maintenance is sibutramine 10 mg once daily. Your healthcare provider may increase the dose up to sibutramine 15 mg once daily if you have not lost much weight after taking sibutramine and dieting for four weeks.
If you do not tolerate sibutramine well, your healthcare provider may lower your dose to sibutramine 5 mg once daily.

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