Vitex for Fertility

Many people may try using vitex (chasteberry) to help them conceive, but is this herbal supplement safe and effective for this use? One study has indicated that taking vitex might increase the chance of pregnancy for women with infertility due to various causes (including absent menstrual periods, luteal phase defect, and unknown causes). It should be noted that this study showed that it could take several months for vitex to have an effect.
However, it is not clear how long vitex should be continued into the pregnancy or if vitex could cause any problems for the pregnancy. While tempting, you should not take this supplement for fertility without your healthcare provider's supervision. The vitex dosage can have a significant effect on how vitex affects hormones, and a dosage that is too low or too high could actually interfere with your chances of getting pregnant.
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Last reviewed by: Kristi Monson, PharmD
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