Vitex for Menopause

Some people may try using vitex (chasteberry) for treating their symptoms of menopause, but is this herbal supplement safe and effective for this use? Vitex is claimed to help relieve menopause symptoms. Although there is some evidence indicating that vitex may be effective for treating PMS and PMDD, relieving cyclic breast pain, and increasing the chances of pregnancy in women with certain infertility conditions, there is insufficient evidence to prove that using it for menopause is an effective use of this herbal supplement.
It is important to note that vitex seems to have drastically different effects on hormones at different dosages. Also, because vitex is an herbal supplement, it can be marketed in the United States without any proof that it is either safe or effective.
(Click Does Vitex Work? for more information on menopause and vitex. This article discusses the research that has been done on the effectiveness of vitex for certain uses.)
Last reviewed by: Kristi Monson, PharmD
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