Dinoprostone Vaginal Gel Information

If you are about to give birth and your cervix has not "ripened" sufficiently, your healthcare provider may give you dinoprostone vaginal gel (Prepidil®). It is important for a woman's cervix to be ripened (thin and soft) so that the baby can pass through it. This medicine comes as a gel that is injected using a syringe into the cervix at or near delivery.
While most women tolerate this medicine well, some who receive dinoprostone vaginal gel will experience side effects. Some of the most commonly reported reactions include diarrhea, back pain, and abnormal uterine contractions.
While this vaginal gel may be an effective medicine for many women, not everyone can use it. Information on dinoprostone vaginal gel should be discussed with your healthcare provider before receiving it to minimize risks and avoid potentially serious complications. For example, you should not receive this medicine if you have had a C-section in the past or if you have had unexplained vaginal bleeding during your pregnancy.
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Last reviewed by: Arthur Schoenstadt, MD