Info on Ogen Vaginal Cream

Ogen® Vaginal Cream (estropipate vaginal cream) is a prescription medication that is approved to treat vaginal inflammation and thinning of the vaginal tissues, usually caused by low estrogen levels after menopause. In most cases, the medication is applied vaginally once a day.
Ogen Vaginal Cream is a good alternative to hormone replacement therapy taken by mouth, especially in women who only have vaginal menopausal symptoms. However, keep in mind that a significant amount of this medication is absorbed into the bloodstream, and many of the risks associated with oral estrogen hormone replacement therapy are expected to occur with Ogen Vaginal Cream as well.
Although the drug is generally well tolerated, it is not suitable for everyone. Before using Ogen Vaginal Cream, make sure your healthcare provider has up-to-date information on your medical history and a list of your current medications. In particular, let your healthcare provider know if you have problems such as high cholesterol, cancer, or unexplained vaginal bleeding.
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Last reviewed by: Arthur Schoenstadt, MD