LaViv Medication Information

LaVivTM (azficel-T) is a prescription drug used to improve the appearance of smile lines in adults. This medication is actually made from your own cells, which are multiplied in a laboratory and then injected back into the skin. Your healthcare provider will administer the injections in three separate treatment sessions, about three to six weeks apart.
Before starting treatment with LaViv, make sure your healthcare provider has up-to-date information on any other medications you are taking, including nonprescription drugs, vitamins, and supplements. Also, you may not be able to safely use LaViv if you have certain medical conditions, such as bleeding problems or certain allergies.
Most people tolerate this product well. However, as with most facial fillers, LaViv has the potential to cause side effects. Some of the commonly reported side effects include redness, bruising, and swelling.
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Last reviewed by: Arthur Schoenstadt, MD