Vandazole Medication Information

Vandazole® (metronidazole vaginal gel) is a medicine licensed to treat bacterial vaginosis (BV), a condition involving an overgrowth of certain bacteria in the vagina. This product comes as a gel that is inserted vaginally once a day for five days.
As a type of antibiotic, Vandazole works by killing certain bacteria to help restore a more normal and healthy balance of bacteria in the vagina. Although most women tolerate the drug well, side effects are possible and may include headaches, itching, and vaginal yeast infections.
Make sure to review the safety information for Vandazole with your healthcare provider before using this medication. If you cannot stop consuming alcohol during treatment with this drug or if you are taking certain types of medicine, Vandazole may not be the best choice for your particular situation.
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Last reviewed by: Arthur Schoenstadt, MD