Yasmin Dangers

Yasmin® (drospirenone/ethinyl estradiol) is an oral contraceptive taken by women to prevent pregnancy. Before you start using this method of birth control, it is important to be aware of the drug's potential dangers.
Combined oral contraceptives (such as Yasmin) can increase the risk of blood clots, strokes, and heart attacks. They may also slightly increase the risk of breast cancer or cervical cancer and benign (non-cancerous) liver tumors. However, combined oral contraceptives seem to help protect women against ovarian and uterine cancer.
Some of the more common side effects that have been reported with Yasmin (occurring in more than 1 percent of women taking this medication in clinical trials) include:
  • Headaches
  • Menstrual changes or problems
  • Breast pain
  • Abdominal pain (stomach pain)
  • Nausea or vomiting.
Since Yasmin can worsen certain medical conditions (such as depression and gallbladder disease), it is important to tell your healthcare provider about all existing conditions you have before starting the birth control pill. In order to help prevent drug interactions, you should also tell your healthcare provider about all other medications you are currently taking.
(Click Yasmin Side Effects and Yasmin Warnings and Precautions to learn about other potential dangers of Yasmin and for important information on who should not use this particular form of birth control.)
Last reviewed by: Kristi Monson, PharmD
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