Vitamin B6 Benefits

There are several claimed benefits of vitamin B6, but most have little or no supporting scientific evidence. The supplement is believed to be beneficial for the treatment of morning sickness (associated with pregnancy), premenstrual syndrome, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Although there are possible benefits of this vitamin for children, you should consult your child's healthcare provider before giving your child any supplements.

What Are the Benefits of Vitamin B6?

Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) is clearly beneficial for treating vitamin B6 deficiency and problems related to a deficiency. It is also claimed to provide several other health benefits, such as:
  • Treating the following conditions:


  • Preventing and treating side effects of isoniazid or penicillamine
  • Enhancing immune system functioning
  • Preventing migraines
  • Preventing cancer
  • Helping to reduce water retention (for a diuretic effect)
  • Preventing kidney stones
  • Enhancing dream recollection.
Many of the claimed health benefits of vitamin B6 have little or no supporting scientific evidence, especially for people without a vitamin B6 deficiency (see Does Vitamin B6 Work? for more information).

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